A Homeless Gnome Part I

A Homeless Gnome Part I

Yesterday afternoon, a faint knock on the door to our HQ was heard. All the post had been collected for the day and so the unexpected knock, despite being soft, took us all by surprise. Who could it possibly be? Nobody in the office was expecting anyone and no-one ever just popped in without calling ahead first.

Without any further hesitation, we unlatched the door and opened it. Annoyingly nothing but an empty street lay out ahead and we immediately blamed the incident on some immature school children cherry knocking on the way home from school.

The door was halfway closed before an ”excuse me” was uttered from outside. Never had any of us heard a voice like this, it was quiet but confident with strangely gruff undertones.  We quickly opened the door again and followed the voice down to the pavement to find ourselves confronted by a Gnome.

Nameless at the Door

Nameless at the Door















We’ll keep you up to date with the progress of this Gnome as we go along. As you all know, we’ve already got a lot of Gnomes living here at HQ with us, but there is something different about this one. He seems ambitious.


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