Autumn Fruit Recipes

Autumn is such a fantastic time of year as the disappearing warmth of summer imparts it’s glow upon our foliage, creating a magnificent blend of colours. Colour palettes aside, it is the time for harvesting all our fruit and vegetables so we wanted to explore the many different things you can do with this glut of autumnal fruit.



Chocolate Pear Pudding,

This really easy pudding is to die for and it’s truly perfect for this time of year. The recipe uses tinned pears but homegrown would be fine of course, after all, that’s what this post is about! The part we love the most¬†is the gooey parts of the sponge where it’s not quite baked. View this indulgent recipe here.



Spiced Plum and Blackberry Crumble, BBC Good Food

This is just pure comfort food. Everybody must have fond memories dating back to their childhood that involve a big bubbling crumble of sorts. This particular recipe calls for plums but any fruit can be used really; the magic is all in the spices and crumble topping, which for this recipe includes star anise with cinnamon and oats for the topping.¬†Personally, we like a lot of crumble mix so you get the crunchy top but also a gooey layer underneath. We’re sure you’re all crumble experts but you can take a look here.


Autumn Pear Jam with Figs and Cinnamon, Serious Eats

How hard can it be to make a jam? Honestly we have no idea but after trawling through all these sumptuous recipes we’ve just got to give it a go. As we’ll likely be swapping cheerios and muesli for porridge soon, it would be amazing to have a homemade seasonal jam to stir through it. As with any recipe you can swap about you ingredients to suit your own taste. Find out how to conjure your own right here.


Autumn Fruit Pie, Mail Online

This one is from Mary Berry herself. We all love the Bake Off so we had to include a dish from the aptly named queen of cakes. What better way to battle the chilly nights and to stuff yourself full with a traditional apple and blackberry pie. This recipe works best if you use a metal pie tin as the pastry will cook better. Click here to read.


Happy baking!


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