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When it comes to the garden,  it’s the combination of plants, ornaments & wildlife that makes it such a wonderful place to be. Here at Gardens2you we try our very best to provide you with all the necessary ingredients to make your garden as perfect as possible.

By providing the best bird care possible with places to nest, feed and bathe, you give your garden the best possible chance of becoming a haven for wild birds. What is so great about our Bird Baths, Feeders and Houses is that they not only will encourage bird life, but they also are attractively designed too, meaning they look great nestled into your outside space.

Below we’ve picked out some of our real favourites to help you choose which pieces would be right for your garden.

Bird Feeders

A lot of our bird feeders and baths are interchangeable, however, the two below have been picked on their merits as a bird feeder alone. The Cast Iron Heart Bird Feeder has and always will be one of the best products on our entire site. It’s simple, stylish and sturdy, making it the perfect feeder for any garden (great gift idea too). Our second choice combines a feeder tray to hold seeds and other loose bird feed, with an apple or fat ball skewer through the middle. The ultimate bird feeding station!

Cast Iron Heart Bird Feeder - £14.99

Cast Iron Heart Bird Feeder – £14.95

Green Heart Cut Out Feeder - £8.99

Green Heart Cut Out Feeder – £8.95













Bird Houses

Anyone lucky enough to have enjoyed birds nesting in their garden will tell you that it is a truly magical and exciting thing to watch unfold. On the left we have a double box option that allows not 1, but 2 families to nest side by side. Also very easily attachable to walls and fences. Secondly, for a slightly alternate option, this watering can bird house is proving to be a really popular design. Birds popping in and out of a watering can is not something you see every day.

Double Wall Mounted Bird House - £19.99

Double Wall Mounted Bird House – £19.95

Watering Can Bird House - £19.99

Watering Can Bird House – £19.95














Bird Baths 

Birds love a bath and cool down and as long as they feel safe in your garden, they’ll always make the most of water if provided. Our standing Fairy Bird Bath is cute and sturdy making it a really ornamental piece that can go anywhere in the garden. The White Leaf Baths are great to nestle  amongst your garden with the realistic snails and butterflies keeping everything feeling as natural as possible.

Large Fairy Bird Bath - £59.99

Large Fairy Bird Bath – £59.95

Butterfly Bird Bath

Cast Iron Butterfly Bird Bath £14.95


Bring on the birds!

Love Monty


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