Summer Holiday Fun Garden Ideas

Well it’s that time of year with hopefully warm long days of the summer holidays stretching ahead for several weeks, with lots of time to fill with the Children. I have put together some ideas to help you out over the next few weeks with things to do in the garden that the kids will love. It’s a perfect time to get your Children outside, moving about and enjoying the fresh air that the garden has.


Duck Watering Can
Well I think the summer holidays are a great time to get your Children interested in the garden and an easy and fun way to do this is to get them to help you water during hot, dry days. Children love playing with water and grownups can often find watering the garden boring, so why not make watering fun by perhaps using water pistols or our fun & bright range of Watering Cans. They might not always water everything, but it’s got to help you out and you might just have some fun playing with them at the same time too.
A popular way to encourage Children outside is to create a secret and fun world for them to explore. We all have a dull or boring corner of the garden, or perhaps a tree with nothing growing under it, so why not create a Fairy Garden. It’s easy to do with our fairy garden sets, or even to create your own. Simply add a door, perhaps some coloured mushrooms and maybe even some fairies to give some interest to a dull area and some fun that Children can use their imagination to bring the garden to life. Even grownups believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden, so why won’t Children, they just need you to encourage them.
Fairy Garden Set
Bird House
Add a Bird House or Bird Feeder to the garden to help encourage our feathered friends to your garden and give your Children something to look out for when they are outside or even watching the birds through the windows indoors. You can add a bird house to a wall, shed or perhaps a fence or post, you can also hang a bird house in a tree or from a hook in the garden. I would recommend placing the bird house out of the reach of cats and if it’s hanging perhaps somewhere where it’s not going to catch too much wind. Plus once a year just make sure you give it a clean out, more so if the birds have used it but of course make sure there are no birds in it first.
Another great idea for something for the kids to help with is creating a bug house, or as I like to call it a ‘Bug Hotel’. This can be anything from a pile of logs or old wood, to a full on multi storey home for the bugs in your garden. You can use stones, old pots, pebbles, bamboo canes, plus drill some holes in wooden poles or logs to create lots of small holes for bugs to live in. This can be an easy, cheap and exciting way to get Children in to the garden to help build, maintain and watch out for the bugs that might live in their new hotel
Bug Hotel Tower
Why not get the Children to help you harvest the vegetables you have been growing over the past few months. This is brilliant way to show them were vegetables come from, how they grow and perhaps even encourage them to try some when they are nice and fresh. Plus if you want to grow something quickly for them to see, buy some dried peas from the supermarket, soak them in water for a few hours, then plant, within a few days they will start to shoot. It was something I always did in the summer holidays with my grandmother gnome and I remember loving how quickly they grew.


Well I hope you all have a great summer in the garden together and most of all enjoy it no matter what the weather is like!

Love Monty xx

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