Early Autumn Jobs for the Garden

Unfortunately summer is coming to a close, but to be fair, we had a pretty good one. We all saw a lot more sunshine than we were expecting, but now our minds must turn to Autumn and the gardening jobs that come with it. Here are a few little garden projects you could be thinking about as we move into the early stages of Autumn.

1) Grass Seeding

This is a biggy, especially if you want that beautiful lawn we all dream of. The cooler temperatures and abundant moisture make this time of year absolutely perfect for nurturing seedlings. Don’t leave it too late however, because if frost hits and the seedlings aren’t strong enough then they might struggle to survive.

2) House Plants

Get those house plants back inside, re-pot them if necessary and give them a spray down with some insecticide to prevent the bugs coming in.

3) Autumn Perennials

Planting your Autumn Perennials now will mean that you’ll have some more beautiful blooms this year and hopefully in years to come. Providing we aren’t hit with an overly harsh winter.

4) Composting

If you haven’t already got one, then you should really go and get a compost bin right now. It really is the best solution for all the leaves that are about to descend upon your garden.

Autumn is a really beautiful time of year, so put a bit of effort in now and enjoy your garden throughout.


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