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So hopefully we’re over the worst of the heavy rainfall and flooding, it is about time to be fair. However, that doesn’t mean all the water has just magically disappeared. For some the clear up will be a long process involving shifting a lot of water. On the whole, most of the water will disappear and your garden will return to its previously glorious state, no puddles and no lasting damage. However, a large influx of water can sometimes bring about a change in the landscape, leaving the option for a water feature or little pond.

Well, if the floods leave you with a newly made pond, we’ve got just the things to fill it with. These floating ornaments are the perfect way to create a happy feature in your garden to rid yourself of all the gloomy memories the floods brought.

Floating Crocodile Head

This snappy guy is sure to give any visitors a surprise. Made from detailed, realistic and hard wearing resin, he’s the perfect fella for you to have guarding your pond. Also, if you keep fish, this floating crocodile head promises to help protect them from those hungry hungry birds.

Floating Crocodile Head Ornament - £17.99

Floating Crocodile Head Ornament – £17.99

Open Jaw Floating Crocodile Head Pond Feature Ornament (£17.99)


Floating Frogs on Lily Pads

Laid back relaxing, or sat down pondering the wonderment of life, these whimsical little floating frog ornaments will happily watch the world pass by from the comfort of their lily pads.

Frogs on Lily Pads - £14.99

Frogs on Lily Pads – £14.99

Adorable Resin Frog on Lily Pad Floating Pond Ornament – Two Designs Available (£14.99)


Floating Mother & Baby Hippo

Well, this one is very very cute. A mother hippo AND her baby side by side in your garden, it’s like something straight out of Africa. We’ve also got a mother floating hippo head on its own, but to be honest, they’re cuter together 😉

Mother & Baby Hippo - £19.99

Mother & Baby Hippo – £19.99

Floating Detailed Resin Hippo Head Ornament – Two Designs Available (£19.99)


Floating Fish Ornaments

If you can’t face keeping real fish, or are just not sure whether you can keep the neighbours cats out your pond, then give these floating fish ornaments a try. They don’t mind how small your pond is and won’t spend any time hidden under the surface. Basically, they’re the perfect pond fish.

Floating Fish Ornaments - £8.99

Floating Fish Ornaments – £8.99

Detailed Floating Trout Resin Pond Garden Ornament -Two Designs Available (£8.99)


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