Gardener Gift Ideas – Soaps.

Gardener Gift Ideas – Soaps.

We know that you’ve got Gift Ideas on the mind and so we’ve got a whole section on our site dedicated to giving you some inspiration!! We’ve got Soaps for men, women, part time gardeners, fishermen even for the most dedicated of farmers. You can never ever go wrong by giving the gift of cleanliness for Christmas!

Nothing beats a good bar of Carbolic Soap to get your hands really clean after a long day’s graft!

Gardener's Carbolic Soap

Gardener’s Carbolic Soap – £4.99

Farmer's Carbolic Soap

Farmer’s Carbolic Soap – £4.99











Fisherman's Carbolic Soap - £4.99

Fisherman’s Carbolic Soap – £4.99

Handy Man's Carbolic Soap - £4.99

Handy Man’s Carbolic Soap – £4.99















If you’re looking for something slightly more delicate, then we’ve also got these beautifully smelling soaps that are perfect for the bathroom. They smell so good we’ve even got them in our very own office!!

Gardener's Vegetable Oil Gift Set - £5.99

Gardener’s Vegetable Oil Gift Set – £5.99

Vegetable Oil Soap Gift Set - £5.99

Vegetable Oil Soap Gift Set – £5.99











Olive Soap with Walnut Kernels - £4.99

Olive Soap with Walnut Kernels – £4.99

























With our wide selection of soaps, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something sweet smelling that’ll please your friends and family!


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