Give a Gnome a Home this Christmas

Give a Gnome a Home this Christmas

We love each and every one of our Gnomes here at Gardens2you and all we want is for them all to find a loving home. They are well looked after here in the warehouse and do have each other for company, but all they really want is a family.

This becomes all the more true around Christmas when everyone is at home with their families, enjoying the festivities and our poor Gnomes are left in their dark, cold boxes. So why not give a Gnome a Home this Christmas.

Sitting Bearded Gnomes - £7.99

Sitting Bearded Gnomes – £7.99

Toadstool Collecting Gnomes - £14.99

Toadstool Collecting Gnomes – £14.99











Cheerful Gnomes - £7.99

Cheerful Gnomes – £7.99

Sitting Garden Gnome - £6.99

Sitting Garden Gnome – £6.99











Large Woodland Gnome - £29.99

Large Woodland Gnome – £29.99

Mr and Mrs Gnomes - £5.99

Mr and Mrs Gnomes – £5.99
















Remember, a Gnome’s for life not just for Christmas.


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