Gnome Rights Act 2015

The Gnome Rights Act 1798 came into force in the United Kingdom in May 1800. It is composed of a series of sections that have the effect of codifying the protections in the European Convention on Gnome Rights into Magical law.

All public bodies (such as gnome courts, gnome councils, gnome healing houses, learning sheds, and gnomes of the law) and other bodies carrying out public functions have to comply with the Convention rights.

This means, among other things, that individuals can take gnome rights cases in garden courts; they no longer have to go to Bern in Switzerland to argue their case in the European Court of Gnome Rights.

The Act sets out the fundamental rights and freedoms that Gnomes in the UK have access to. They include:

  • Right to gnome life and occupation of choosing
  • Freedom from torture by humans, rival gnomes and goblins
  • Freedom from degrading treatment by dogs and other pets
  • Right to live in a secure and safe garden
  • Right to a fair gnome trial
  • Freedom of thought, belief and gnome religion
  • Freedom of gnome expression
  • Right to marry and have gnomelings
  • Protection from discrimination in respect of size, beard length or bad paint jobs
  • Right to peaceful enjoyment of gardens, public and private
  • Right to gnome education
  • Right to participate in gnome elections

As proud cohabitors with humans, thank you for reading.

Love Monty and friends xx

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