Hosepipe Ban Hits Britain!

Hosepipe Ban Hits Britain!

Well, the Hosepipe Ban has kicked in and stopped a reported 20 million people from watering their gardens with a hose!
If you have a rainwater collecting Water Butt, it might not be a problem for you, but with the ban lasting
all summer, will you have enough to last?

We guess not. That means hundreds of plants withering in the heat, reduced to crispy brown remnants of their former glory. So what can you do to keep your plants going? We’ve put together some useful tips for you to keep that garden blooming, even without constant watering.

  • First of all, try to collect rainwater as often as possible to prevent the need to tap into precious tap water.You can buy simple Water Butts which either attach to your guttering or have a funnel in the top. You can pick these up from most outdoor retailers, garden centres and some councils supply them for free. Check with your to find out.
  • Rainwater is better for your garden!Drinking water/tap water has been treated and all its chemicals and garden-friendly nutrients removed for general consumption by humans, so using the natural version falling from the sky might help your garden to flourish and grow more lavishly than it would have before.
  • Don’t overwater!Avid gardener’s will already know this, but too much water can damage plants. They can drown in the same way as any other living thing, so only water them when they look like they need it. Again, rainwater will replenish your plants for longer, meaning less regular watering.

Follow these tips and your garden should be as good as new, albeit without as much water as you might like.

Just remember: stick to the hosepipe ban and who knows; we might not have one next time year!

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