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Summer isn’t over yet, but we’ve recently taken the time to look at some pretty amazing indoor plants. Often, homes are not adorned with growing house plants, but bouquets of flowers instead. Does anybody own, or remember…a terrarium? If you do then great, but for those that don’t perhaps you have a distant memory of your great aunts house; inside it a large fish bowl, green in hue and wildly alive with miniature forest plants?


open terrarium     closed terrarium     open hanging terrarium



Terrariums – It is such a richly decorative art that isn’t very widespread these days, but more people are taking this route when garnishing their homes and there are definitely some fantastic feats of imagination out there. There are two types of terrariums; closed, which is most suitable for forest/tropical plants because of the created humidity, and open, which is more suited to dry plants such as succulents. A popular feature of a terrarium is to have an object such as a model, toy or in the above case, a skull.

History – Terrariums were first created in the 19th century by the botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, and purely by mistake; he was observing an insect in a closed glass recepticle, but little did he know that a plant had germinated inside it, thus giving life to the terrarium. It didn’t take long for them to become fashionable with the Victorians who named them wardian cases, looking like miniature greenhouses.


wardian case



Upside down planters – You may or may not have seen these ingenious, space saving creations but…well, here they are. Most commonly used to grow herbs for your kitchen, you can hang them anywhere and even make them yourself if you’ve a talent for crafts. You can have these for a practical use by growing your own herb garden, or simply hang whatever suitable plant you want, even making it a spectacle to behold like the light fitting below.


upside down herb planters     upside down planter light fitting     upside down planters



Unusual planters – A little less curious than the other two, but wondrous all the same, a great way of creating an unusual plant feature in your home can be achieved by simply re potting plants into different planters. Teacups, old tins, or any container really could play host  to your indoor beauties, and add an instant flare to your windowsill.


succulents gravy jug planter          succulents teacup planters


Well, that should give you something to think about. It certainly got our brains running wild with ideas.



Thanks for reading from Monty and the team at Gardens2you x


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