End of the Jubilee

End of the Jubilee

Well, that’s it. Queen Elizabeth II’s long awaited Diamond Jubilee celebrations have come to an end and life in England goes back to normal for a while. So just how much of the coverage did you watch? Maybe you even went to London to join in the celebrations! We want to hear your stories. Tweet us, speak to us on Facebook or comment on our blogs and let’s talk about what’s going on lately.

The flotilla procession along the River Thames was somewhat of a spectacle, despite some rather poor broadcasting and commentary. Huge pauses between sentences, sparse information and loose facts all made for quite unpleasant viewing. Visually, however, the procession certainly was a memorable sight with over 1000 boats making their way slowly along the River in celebration of the Queen. The Royal Barge was an extraordinary piece, red and gold adornments decorating the ship and making it, excuse the pun, fit for a King.

So what did you think to the Jubilee? Did you think it was a fitting tribute to a generous and outstanding monarch, or were you just grateful for a few extra days off? Let us know on Gardens2you’s Twitter page, or on Facebook Gardens2you. See you for a chat!

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