March Tips for the Garden

March Tips for the Garden

The fickle nature of March weather means that it’s impossible to set strict dates for anything, so no matter what you are doing in the garden, be sure to proceed with caution! Here are 10 tips for things you could look to do through March in preparation for the warmer months.

1) If you’re lucky enough to have fruit trees in your garden, you should ensure that all pruning is finished before the buds swell too much.

2) Remove mulch from flower beds slowly to acclimatise the new growth to the weather. Remember it is better to do this a little late than too early however.

3) Give your roses some attention. A good pruning and feed will help to provide longer stemmed, more compact bushes.

4) Sow seeds of summer blooming annuals indoors, ready to be transplanted into your garden when it’s warmer.

5) Plant Primroses and Pansies.

6) March is the month for vegetables. So if you’ve got your own veggie patch then it’s time to give it a good turning over and plant your crop.

7) Turn your houseplants a quarter turn each week to make sure all sides of the plant receive adequate light, keeping the shape of the plant balanced.

8) Weeding! Make sure you win this battle early on, otherwise you’re likely to be plagued with these weeds for years. Most can just be cultivated out, however, if you think you’re in for a few dry days then Round Up is a good product to use with a low toxicity.

9) Repair any fencing, arbors, or trellis work that is weak or has broken over the winter.

10) Finally, make sure you give those Bird Boxes a good clean out in order to attract some new feather friends to your garden. Or if you don’t fancy cleaning it out, you could always try a new one from us….

Good Luck with your garden, it’s worth putting the effort in now so that you can make the most of your outside space when the warmer months are truly here!

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