May Gardening Top 10 Tips

May Gardening Top 10 Tips

Weather can still remain quite temperamental through May, so it’s very important to keep an eye on the forecast. If it’s looking like a freak cold snap then protect your plants with mulch, newspaper, or a light cloth. However, on the other extreme, if the weather is hot, sunny and dry then don’t neglect your watering. Especially with newly planted seedlings.

Top 10 Tips

1) Keep a vigilante eye on your roses. Keep them sprayed for aphids and other pests and diseases such as black spot.

2) It’s not too late to fertilise your shrubs and plants. Pick an appropriate fertiliser and ensure it is thoroughly watered in.

3) Remove spent flowers from any plant to promote stronger growth. Dead flowers just sap vital energy.

4) Wait until mid to late May before planting the warmer weather crops like tomatoes, squash, cucumber, pumpkins and peppers.

5) May is a good month to repair your lawn. Fill in the bare spots by slightly loosening surface of the soil and sow a good quality lawn seed over the area evenly. Make sure you water!

6) Slugs and snails are out in full force right now. Be sure to take steps to control them now, before they devastate your garden.

7) The first flowers you’ll see will be your weeds. Work to eliminate the weeds (roots and all), before they have a chance to go to seed.

8) Utilize your compost now to infusing your soil. Constantly add fresh garden refuse to it. The compost pile should be kept damp. Frequent turning will turn your garden waste into flower food much faster. Recycle Reuse!

9) Check for nesting birds before clipping any hedges.

10) Lift and divide overcrowded clumps of daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs.


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