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Well it only seems like five minutes ago I was at Chelsea in 2015, but here we are again at the show in 2016 and what a year it is. The first garden I visited at the show was the Daily Telegraph Garden, a contemporary spin on how our earth is shaped and the garden won the coveted ‘Best in Show’ award. It set the tone for the planting in most of the gardens at the show, with a very natural feel as if humans hadn’t arranged these plants in the gardens but instead nature had taken hold.

Unlike other years there doesn’t seem to be a ‘plant’ of Chelsea, such as Alliums in the past. This year was about a range of natural, native looking plants with subtle tones of colours. It actually takes some real skill to make a garden look like nature has created it, us humans have a tendency to organise rather than let things flow.

A wonderful idea at the show was on the Senri-Sentei Garden, built around a garage with a very cute Mini in it. The garden used Acers, moss and subtle planting to create a tranquil place for you to sit and use to store your car. Perfect to green areas of cities where space is at a minimum.

The roof and side of the garage used plants to maximise the space, this could easily be achieved at home by using planters, window boxes or hanging baskets to create the same look without breaking the bank. Just make sure you keep them well watered as plants in exposed places such as roof tops can easily dry out.

I was in love with the planting on the LG Garden, a garden that was about technology but didn’t let itself down with the planting. This border at the front of the garden was awash with wonderful pinks, lilacs and whites which made a wonderful and eye catching display that visitors to the show were in love with as much as me.

You could easily recreate this look in your own garden with Foxgloves, Roses, Wallflowers, Cosmos, Aquilegia and a base planting of grasses such as Stipa tenuissima. Most of these plants can be grown from seed and will give you a stunning combination of colours for a border or your whole garden. I think the key thing to remember here is a garden is as much about the planting as the structure or technology used in it, in my case I always believe the plants are far more important than anything else.

As it is the Queens 90th Birthday this year, Happy Birthday from me!, there we several displays in the Floral Pavillion in honour of Her Majesty. This included this wonderful display of cut flowers to not only mark the birthday but also to mark the first time Covent Garden Flower Market have had a exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The display features over 10000 flowers in it and took seven days to construct it. I have to say, when you could get near it, the display smelled amazing with many different varities of flowers used, even Sweet Peas grown in the UK featured.

I couldn’t talk about this years show without mentioning the amazing display outside the Royal Hospital of the 300,000 crocheted poppies. Each poppy has a memory attached to it as they have been created by many thousands of people from around the world that have a connection to people hurt or lost in wars.

It was certainly a ‘wow’ when you looked at the vast display of poppies outside the hospital building and was a massive draw for all the visitors to the show to see. It was really wonderful to see the Hospital Building being involved in this years show as it’s normally forgotten when the show is on. I hope to see it used again next year.

I had another wonderful day out at The Chelsea Flower Show this year, even though I have to sneak in as the RHS still have a ban on Gnomes! Something I think certainly needs to be changed, don’t you!

If you want to read more about all the gardens at this years show then the RHS have a great site all about the Show Gardens at Chelsea.

It won’t be long now until the next big show of the year, The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, this year the team from Gardens2you and myself will be exhibiting at the show, stand number HC502. We hope to see you at the show, but if not then you will be able to read my blog post for the show.

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