Monty’s Top Ten Gardening Jobs In December

Well it’s here, December, where did that year go? It seems only five minutes ago that I was looking forward to a productive year in the garden and my hasn’t it flown by.

December is always a busy month and can often be the month that the garden can be forgotten as you either don’t have the time or you just don’t think there is anything to do, but here is my top ten gardening tips for jobs you can get on with in the garden when your not busy stuffing the Turkey.

  1. Check Winter Protection – It’s good to always check on tender plants that you may have wrapped up or have moved indoors or a greenhouse. If they are wrapped make sure this is still secure as we often have plenty of wind in the winter months. If you have moved plants indoors make sure you do give them some water and make sure they are not in a very hot room as central heating quickly drys out plants. If plants are in the greenhouse then make sure you remove any dead or dying leaves and if the plant is trying to flower remove these also.
  2. Check Ponds – If you have a pond with fish in make sure this doesn’t freeze over. Simply add something to float in the water, as when this moves in the wind it will help to stop the water from freezing over. We have some Floating Ornaments in our store……(cheeky plug I know). Or if not pop outside if you see ice and make a hole, make sure you don’t go overboard smashing it as this noise will be very loud for the fish in the pond.
  3. Sprout Time – Well it’s Christmas so now is the time to enjoy the Sprouts you have been growing on the veggie plot. I know I will be enjoying mine, with some bacon lardons and a touch of butter.
  4. Indoor Bulbs – If you have been growing bulbs in pots such as Amaryllis, Hyacinths or even Crocus, bring these indoors and the warmth will spur the bulbs on to flower, often in time for the big day itself.
  5. Outdoor Bulbs – December is my favourite time to buy outdoor bulbs such as Tulips, Daffodils etc as they are really cheap in the garden centres but can easily still be planted in the garden with no damage to their growth. Make sure the bulbs are still firm and look healthy before you buy them, but you can really pick up a bargain at this time of year, a Gnome has to save some pennies where he can! If you don’t have time to plant them in the garden or it’s too wet, then pot them up in some pots and you can then plant these in early Spring when they start to shoot.
  6. Allotments – If you have empty beds on the allotment or indeed in your garden, if you can nip out and give these a good fork over, then the frost will help to break down the big lumps and make the work that bit easier in the Spring. Plus it might work off a bit of that Turkey and that extra piece of Christmas pud you had!.
  7. The Lawn – Right big tip, if its frosty or snow on your lawn don’t walk on it. You will damage the grass and ruin all that hard work you have done for the previous 11 months of the year. If you get a chance give the lawn a fork over to add holes to help with drainage if it’s a very wet month or winter, this will help to reduce moss growth.
  8. Wind – December can be a very windy month, make sure you are checking plants & trees that have stakes or younger plants to make sure they are not getting damaged by the wind and rocking the roots, this can cause the plant to die, or if it’s not secured properly plants and trees can easily snap in the wind. If they do get damaged quickly prune the broken parts out to keep the cut clean.
  9. Wildlife – Don’t forget the wildlife in December, perhaps treat your birds to some food over the Christmas period, in fact if you do start to feed wild birds please do continue as they will remember where the food is. Also another top tip is we often have logs stored for fires outside, if you don’t use yours very often, perhaps just for Christmas, make sure to check there are no wild animals hibernating there, as the last thing they will need is to find a new home.
  10. Christmas – Make sure if you can to enjoy Christmas, as it will soon be Spring and time to start all over again with the garden. Plus also try and bring some of the garden in to the home. Old traditions such as decorating with Holly and Ivy in the home have been around for hundreds of years, so perhaps this year use some real foliage from your own garden to decorate your home.

We that’s it for another year in the garden. I hope you have enjoyed my gardening tips and they have helped you, most of all make sure you always enjoy the garden no matter what the time of year and do you know what, the odd weed here and there will never hurt, honest!.

Have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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Love  Monty


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