Spotlight: Mosaic Garden Ornaments

Here at Gardens2you we have a wonderful range of mosaic ornaments to adorn your home and garden, chiefest being our lizards, although we have frogs and hearts too. So we thought we’d give them a little time under the spotlight  as they’re so adorable and we love them so much.

Everyday is a school day so let’s give you a pinch of history on this beloved art form. Mosaics were primarily created using materials like coloured glass, stone, shells and pottery which were fashioned into small pieces called tesserae. The earliest known examples of mosaic art made of different  materials was found in a temple in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq, Kuwait, and parts of Syria, Turkey and Iran), but the art was used all over Europe too, more famously Greece and Italy where great murals depicting mythology, sporting events and animal hunts could be found in abundance. Ranging from huge focal points lining building interiors to simple borders and patterns to smarten up walls and pathways, the art form was widespread and fashionable.

Today, we treasure these ancient pieces of history and preserve it’s unique beauty in modern day art such as traditional floors and wall panels to sculptures and ornaments. Check out our range and see if you love them as much as we do.

mosaic frog

mosaic lizards



larry and harry frogs


Absolutely beautiful colours aren’t they? Thanks for dropping by and all the best from Monty and the Gardens2you team x

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