Name our Gnome!

We’re always taking new Gnomes into our Sanctuary here at Gardens2you, and we give them good home until we can find somewhere that is more suitable.

One issue we always do seem to have, however, is giving them all names that suit them. It’s really difficult to find that perfect name. So we’d like your help please.

This guy needs a name that will suit him down to the ground, what are you thoughts?

This Gnome needs a name...

This Gnome needs a name…




















Write any suggestions in our comment section. Thanks in advance.


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Author: Monty

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  1. There’s only one name that suits this little guy, has to be Sherlock Gnomes!!

  2. I name the gnome, Zurich

  3. How about Gnomeo

  4. Marty McLantern

  5. Wilfred

  6. Fardaway, his ladylove is fardayway and hes a looking!

  7. The Seeker

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