New Floating Garden Ornaments

New Floating Garden Ornaments

At Gardens2you we’re  constantly looking to bring you a selection of the most unusual Garden Ornaments we can find. Our latest venture has seen us investigate the opportunities your ponds or water features can offer.

We’ve stocked a couple of Floating Ornaments for a few years now, but after seeing a rise in their popularity of late, we’ve now decided to offer a wider variety of designs. In our collection now we have Floating Hippo Ornaments, Floating Flower Ornaments, Floating Fish Ornaments and much more. All made from a highly weather resistant resin and detailed fabulously, these Garden Ornaments will add some fantastic flair to your pond.

Floating Hippo Ornament - £17.99

Floating Hippo Ornament – £17.99

Frogs on Lily Pads - £14.99

Frogs on Lily Pads – £14.99













Floating Duck Ornament - £17.99

Floating Duck Ornament – £17.99

Floating Fish Ornament - £8.99

Floating Fish Ornament – £8.99













Frogs on Rubber Rings - £12.99

Frogs on Rubber Rings – £12.99

Floating Water Lilies - £7.99

Floating Water Lilies – £7.99














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