November Garden Jobs!

November Garden Jobs!

The end of October is near and the conditions outside are set to change quite dramatically, with the first proper frost, stronger winds and basically the beginning of winter all set to make an appearance. It is therefore crucial to keep on top of all those little November jobs in the Garden. We’ve collected together a few jobs that will help you get started.

Early November – This is a good time to plant wallflowers, pansies and forget-me-nots for spring colour alongside tulip bulbs. There’s also still time to plant shrubs, perennials, roses and deciduous trees.

Tender Plants – Bring plants, such as fuchsias, argyranthemums and geraniums, into a porch, greenhouse or conservatory before the first frost falls and causes them damage.

High Winds – A very possible danger at this time of year, check that ties and stacks on climbers and trees are secure – though be sure they don’t cut into the stems. Also check that fences and other garden structures are secure.

Composting Leaves – Sweep up leaves and put them on the compost heap or bag up to make leaf mould. However, if the leaves are diseased, roses with blackspot for example, they should be thrown away or burnt.

Bring your Geraniums Inside

Bring your Geraniums Inside.

Look out for Black Spot disease on your Rose Leaves.

Look out for Black Spot disease on your Rose Leaves.













These few snippets of advice will help you get started with tackling your November jobs. Make sure you get started as early as possible and keep on top of those pesky leaves.

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