RHS Chelsea Flower Show (2012)

Well, unless you’ve been holed up in a cave for the past week, no doubt you will have heard something about the Chelsea Flower Show. Running in it’s 99th year, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is one of Britain’s biggest flower shows, surpassed only by Hampton Court. Every year, the show attracts the attention of the media, the public, visitors from overseas and even the Royal Family, who attend the opening day of the show every year and have done so since it began.

Now, despite all the frivolities and pleasing plants and shrubs surrounding and decorating the space, we do have one thing we’d like to get off our chest..

Gnomes are banned at the Chelsea Flower Show!

What a travesty! The rule comes into place because exhibitors are not allowed to use any coloured sculptures to enliven their garden space, and of course gnomes fall exactly into that category. But why not? Gnomes are not added just to make a garden look brighter and a bit more cheerful. Gnomes are selected specially because you think they have character; because they match the colours and look of your garden; because they make your garden fun and exciting to spend time in. Plus, children love them. I remember having many a conversation with the ornaments of animals and gnomes in my grandparents gardens as a child, and once last week but that’s another story for another day.

So what do you think about gnomes being banned? Of course, I understand that the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a way to display beautiful blooming bouquets as well as collections of some of the rarest and most stunning plants on the planet. However, without the ability to decorate and expand upon a garden with only the intention of showing off what your plants have done, are we not simply opening up the Chelsea Flower Show to a bunch of high class exhibitionists who have the ability to match colours?

Gardens are about design. They are about personalisation, character and artistry. Without ornaments and a little bit of decoration you can’t achieve those things. My view is: open the Chelsea Flower Show up to gnomes, ornaments and sculptures and watch more and more people arrive each year. Get the nation excited about gardening and decorating their outdoors and who knows? We might even find a way to save the environment!



Hmm, I wonder…

Arthur, Arnold & Alastair The Standing Ceramic Garden Gnomes

Arthur, Arnold & Alastair The Standing Ceramic Garden Gnomes

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