Tell a Story Day: Monty & Magnus

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Once upon a time in a village called Ringstead there lived a gnome. He was not large or magnificent, infact he was quite small, but was loved by all of his kin and was known for fun, laughter and high adventure. His name was Monty and he had many friends. One late spring day as he walked among the bluebells he heard such a chatter and wondered what on earth was going on…it sounded like fun. A traveler from a far off land had arrived in the night and all of Monty’s friends had gathered around with wonder, so he wanted to see what all the fuss was about. A fellow gnome stood before him, not unlike himself. His name was Magnus, and as hard as he tried, Monty could not explain the odd feeling inside of his stomach. Magnus came with stories of rolling hills and savage goblins, and that night a great feast was put on. The woodland folk never need much of an excuse to have a party but a wandering gnome with a head full of tales was sure be a good party indeed. There would be pies, cakes and anything else the stores could provide as well as music and dancing. An affair to be remembered. Monty however, slipped away quietly to bed.

Days went by and his friends (all of them it seemed) had forgotten all about Monty, instead having fun and giggling…with Magnus. Monty sat looking glumly into the pond, when who should appear behind him but Magnus. The traveler explained he had heard a lot about him and wondered why he was not joining in, as these tales of adventure and mischief sounded like good fun. Then it came to Monty; it was not his friends that had left him, it was he who had left them. Monty felt very silly indeed so he shook Magnus’ hand, thanked him and stood up. Both with cheeky grins on their faces they chatted away merrily as they went to join the others. Before long they discovered they actually had a lot in common and soon became very good friends.

The End.

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