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Our Mirror Spheres remain one of our most popular items, and it’s easy to see why. They have an almost magical quality to them, yet at the same time providing a modern look. They are available in various sizes, individually or in sets, and come in reflective silver, brushed, gold, geometric, bronze and black finish. With many uses around the garden, either just as an ornament or some of our spheres even float in the water, perfect for ponds and water features.




Tina is head of our marketing department here at Gardens2you, and the office is never dull with her colourful personality. Her favourite activities include walking her two dogs; Bruno the Cockapoo and Alfie the Westy, also enjoying sitting in the garden with a nice glass of wine. Tina has a small town garden that she loves to keep simple, she even installed artificial grass instead of having to mow a lawn (we think it’s so she can spend even more time working on crazy marking plans, well we hope!)


What’s a usual day at Gardens2you for you?

Well it’s always busy, in fact I have no idea where the time goes some days. The day normal starts with a hot cup of coffee whilst I check over the social media accounts and the mentions we have from all our fans, it’s so great to connect with customers over social media as it can be hard to see them as we only sell online. Then I normally have a morning managers meeting followed by a catch up with the other marketing team members. Then I can start work on the exciting ideas I have for Gardens2you and the next big time for us, dare I say it Christmas….!. We have some fantastic new products coming so I am currently working on promotions, ideas and photo shoots for them, I am sure all our customers are going to love them.


Tell us why you like the Mirror Spheres?

Before I had even started to work for Gardens2you I had actually purchased some from the site for my garden. I like them because of the versatile, contemporary look they give to my garden; they’re very arty and give an instant feeling of depth and space. There also no fuss, when I first put them in the garden I wiped them over with some WD40 which has help to keep the water marks off them and they still look the same as they did when I first put them outside over two years ago.




Where do you have the spheres in your garden?

I have a group of the larger spheres sitting on my lawn, yes the artificial one! Then I have a set of the Six Spheres hidden in a container on the patio to give it all year round interest. Oh and I have three floating in my pond too, it’s no joke I really do not only do they look great but they also keep the water from freezing over in the winter to protect my fish.


And what’s favourite plant?

Well it’s got to be my Lupins! I have a big patch of all different colours of them in the middle of one of my borders, some people find them hard to grow but for some reason I find it easy, not sure if it’s green fingers, it’s probably just luck!



Thanks for your time Tina in telling us about your favourite product we sell, I am sure it’s a helpful read for our customers.


Love Monty xx

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