Monty’s Top Ten Garden Jobs In April

April is here, spring is here and most importantly of all, better weather is here (hopefully). Beautiful spring flowers are beginning to bloom and the country is seemingly alive again. So it’s time to get out in the garden and make the most of those longer, lighter evenings and sunnier days.

Continue to ready your garden for all of the beautiful summer months, because hard work is always rewarded and it’ll cut down on maintenance later in the year. Garden centres are always full of so many gorgeous plants at this time of year, so we’d recommend a trip to your nearest one ASAP.

Below are our Top April Garden Jobs:

1) Beware of frost – As much as this isn’t a job, it is definitely still worth a mention. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly warmer weather. Frost is still a very real risk and it is advisable to hold back on planting any tender bedding until next month.

2) Dead heading – Remove all faded flowers from your daffodils, pansies & violas. Let your daffodils die back naturally so they put energy back into the bulbs

3) Weeding – Continue with the spring cleaning. Get on top of your hoeing and prevent weeds from spreading through your beds, otherwise you’ll leave yourself a nightmare job. The same goes for any stubborn weeds in your pathways, DON’T LET THEM WIN!!!

4) Mulch – Before the herbaceous growth really takes hold in your garden, get the mulch down, otherwise you’ll struggle to see what you’re doing.

5) Treat fences & sheds – When it is warm enough, treat sheds, fences and trellis with wood preservative; brushes and rollers are fine for most things, however a sprayer is well worth buying for tricky projects such as woven panels!

6) Repel slugs and snails – This is their favourite time of the year, with lots of fresh juicy shoots popping up. So be prepared to wage war on them, or they have to power to ruin a lot of hard work. Lay pet friendly slug pellets around your bedding to keep them at bay.

7) Birds care – Birds are beginning to build their nests now and so are looking for appropriate places to nest. Therefore, if you provide them with food and potentially a bird house, you’ll increase the likelihood of having a garden bustling with life.

8) Summer hanging baskets – If you are lucky enough to have a green house at your disposal, then you can begin to create your hanging baskets.

9) Lawns – Feed, mow and begin to give your lawns a little more attention. Now is the perfect time to sow new lawns and repair bare patches too.

10) Sow seeds – Sow hardy summer annuals and herb seeds, simple as that really.

Time to get back out and enjoy some much needed better weather. Please April showers, be kind.

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