Top Gardening Tips For April

As British summertime remains reliably unpredictable (!?), April however never seems to disappoint in regards to frequent rainfall. April showers coupled with  (potentially) glorious sunny spells are what make for perfect conditions for new growth, so now is the time to really gear up your garden and plan for a beautiful year. Take a look and get stuck in:


  • We’re not out of the water yet; frozen water that is! Yes, beware of those sneaky late frosts this month as that could spell disaster for your garden. Just keep an eye out and make sure to protect vulnerable plants if we do indeed get another visit from Jack Frost.
  • Why not plant some gorgeous little wildflowers around your borders or outside the front of your house? They really are like a collection of little gems that will look truly beautiful.
  • Now is a great time to check your lawn over and repair any bare patches.
  • Dead head your Daffodils, but let the leaves remain as they are vital for replenishing the bulb for next year.
  • As the soil starts to warm up you can begin adding fertilizer, and don’t forget a good layer of mulch.
  • If you haven’t already done so, begin pulling up weeds before they start to flourish; that’s definitely the last thing you want before you start your garden this year.
  • Lastly, bored little sprogs (otherwise known as goblins, demons, children etc) can be put to work, making your life easier.


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Author: Monty

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