Top 10 Gardening Pinterest Accounts

If you haven’t been over to Pinterest yet, then we suggest you do. It’s a wonderful social world of images, ideas and inspiration that is sure to get your creative juices flowing. We love using it here at gardens2you to help give our customers ideas for their gardens, as well as using it to feed our own passion for gardening. You can find pretty much anything on there, simply sign up, create a board of interest such as Top Contemporary Garden Ideas and pin to your heart’s content. Trust us, you’ll get lost in there.

Below we’ve collected together our Ultimate Top 10 Gardening Pinterest Accounts that are brimming with garden ideas and beautiful imagery. Sure to get you excited about being out in the garden!


A top 10 gardening list would not be complete without The Royal Horticultural Society. They’re regular pinners with boards including monthly tips to ideas for gardening with kids.

The RHS Pinterest Account

The RHS Pinterest Account


Shoot Gardening

This is a monster of a Pinterest Account, you could get lost for hours on this account alone. Thousands and thousands of pins on everything to do with the gardening world, thanks to Nicola, the owner of Shoot Gardening Website.

Pinterest Account for Shoot Gardening

Shoot Gardening Pinterest Account


James Wong

It’s always good to follow somebody who is passionate about growing his own food. What garden is complete without it’s own little vegetable patch?

Pinterest Account from James Wong

James Wong Pinterest Account


Sarah Raven

A board to help provide you with a beautiful and productive garden. From food, to seeds, to more gorgeous garden ideas from around the world.

Gardening Pinterest by Sarah Raven

Sarah Raven Pinterest Account


Sensible Gardening and Living

We all love those little pieces of advice for around the garden. Well, collected onto this board is a fantastic range of hints and how-to tips to make gardening that little bit easier.

Pinterest for Sensible Gardening and Living

Sensible Gardening and Living Pinterest Account


Barb Rosen Our Fairfield Home & Garden

This board’s sheer size and depth is one of its strongest features and the passion behind it is clear for all to see. What’s especially great is that it takes you on a journey from outside to in with a wonderful mixture of ideas for garden, home and kitchen.

Pinterest Account for Barb Rosen

Barb Rosen Pinterest Account


Urban Gardener Antiques

This Pinterest Account is the beautiful work of a garden designer who understands that not everyone has a huge expansive garden space. Full of clever ideas for the small urban garden combined with loads of beautiful antique pieces. They’ve also got a Gnome board, which we LOVE!

Pinterest Account for Urban Gardener Antiques

Urban Gardener Antiques Pinterest Account


Fairy Gardening

Our Fairy Gardens are something that we just couldn’t live without. So when we found this board, we knew we’d have to include it. Fairy gardens to make your imagination go wild.

Pinterest Account for Fairy Gardening

Fairy Gardening Pinterest Account


Mary Ann Rounseville

Gardening with a sense of adventure and culture is what this Pinterest account it all about. Enough colours and ideas to give you the travel bug, make you up sticks, and leave forever.

Pinterest for Mary Ann Rounseville

Mary Ann Rounseville Pinterest Account

Oh yeah, this is a pretty good one too. Keep up to date with all our products and everything else that takes our fancy. There’s never a dull moment on the Gardens2you Pinterest.

Pinterest Account for Gardens2you

Gardens2you Pinterest Account


Love Monty


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