Monty’s Top 10 September Gardening Jobs

The bad weather is coming and the days are notably shorter, so it’s time to start planning ahead for next year and harvest all your crops. You also want to keep all that colour in your garden going as long as possible with late summer flowering perennials; my top tip this month is to keep dead heading to prolong these flowers. I have comprised a list of top 10 jobs to do this month to keep you busy so scroll down and take a look and as ever make sure you make time to enjoy your garden, there are still warm days in September to sit with a glass of wine.

1. Plant your spring flowering bulbs now –  You want to prepare your garden for spring so plant bulbs such as Daffodils, Hyacinths, Alliums and Crocus ready for lots of colour next year. I would always recommend waiting until the end of October to plant bulbs such as Tulips as they don’t like to sit in wet ground for too long. Also if you are thinking of planting up autumn / winter pots or baskets then don’t forget to add some spring flowering bulbs to them to add an extra splash of colour.

2. Plant new shrubs, tree’s and perennials – September is a great month to plant new plants in the garden, often people think the spring is the best month but actual now is the perfect time. The soil is still warm, which is perfect to encourage the roots of new plants to establish ready for the next year. It’s also a great month to add new plants as often Garden Centre’s are reducing their plants to clear before winter, so you can pick up a bargain and plant it ready for an extra big plant next year. It’s win win.

3. Tidy your vegetable garden – This area of the garden has been working hard for you over the past few months and is probably looking a little tired right now. Remove any weeds, cut back some over growing crops such as Beans and Tomatoes so they put all their growing effort in to ripening. Dig over any spare ground to help turn the soil ready for next year and if you want to you can add a layer of manure to the top to feed the soil ready for next years new crops.

4. Harvest your fruit trees and bushes – It’s time for your hard work to pay off so pick all your Blackberries, Pears, Plums and Apples, but don’t let them go to waste; make crumbles and pies, homemade jams and chutneys and don’t forget you can always freeze some of it.

Dahlia Flower
5. Keep on dead heading –  My top tip for this month! Keep removing dead heads from any flowering plants such as perennials, Dahlia’s and even summer beding, as you have until the first frosts, not matter how early or late, to keep enjoying the colour your garden has. It can often be a quick job just to pop round the garden snipping off the dead heads. Also another tip is to pick some of these flowers as they open to enjoy inside the home. You can always keep some of the seed heads as well for growing next year, however letting some of your plants go to seed will reduce the amount of flowers they produce.

6. Divide herbaceous perennials – Now is a good time to split your plants so they can take root for the winter, perhaps giving one to a friend. Make sure you take away any pieces of root which display signs of disease. Also when you do this make sure to reduce the amount of leaves the plant has to reduce the stress put on the plant when moving. Also make sure they are well watered for the first few weeks if the weather is dry.

7. Autumn / Winter bedding –  September is a great month to plant autumn / winter bedding plants. It can be a hard choice when to remove summer bedding from pots, containers and Hanging Baskets, but it has to be done to refresh them. Make sure you replace the compost before you replant, as this will be worn out from the previous bedding. There is still lots of plants to choose from such as Pansies, Violas, Cabbage, Cyclamen and lot’s of variegated small perennials and grasses to choose from.

8. Harvest vegetables – If you haven’t done so already you should be thinking about harvesting your onions and potatoes. You’ll know when onions are ready because the leaves will flop over. If you have too many to use you can store these in a hessian sack in a cool, dark & dry place to give you several months of use. If you are struggling to ripen Tomatoes as the days get shorter and cooler, pick them and bring them inside onto a window sill. Vegetables such as beans and peas can be picked and frozen to give you plenty of supplies for the coming months. Remember if you have to many you can always give them to friends or family.

9. Clean out your greenhouse – Make sure you thoroughly rid your green house of old compost, and decaying plants because they will bring pests and mould over winter. If you can it’s a good time to give the greenhouse a good clean inside and out with some soapy water and a good brush.

10. Clean your bird feeders – The long winter months are coming soon and the birds in the garden will need you even more now. As there are plenty of berries around at the moment it’s a good time to give Bird Feeders and baths a good clean. Empty them fully and give them a good wash with soapy hot water and a brush. Birds can carry disease and it can easily spread on a feeder so keeping them clean will help not only feed the birds but keep them healthy also. Remember to then fill with new food when they are dry and keep them topped up until the spring.

There you have it, plenty to keep you busy this month in the garden. It’s always a bit of rubbish month as you are missing the summer and then can’t stop thinking about the dull months to come, but with a little bit of work from the above you can prolong the summer for longer.

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