Monty’s Top 10 July Gardening Jobs

July is often one of the warmest and most enjoyable months out in the garden. You can sit and watch as all your hard work from spring begins to properly pay off, with flowers blooming and your veg/fruit ready for harvesting.

Whilst it is the perfect month to relax and enjoy your garden, be sure to keep on top of all the little jobs like weeding and watering.

Below are my Top July Garden Jobs:

1) Conservatory Plants – Now that the weather has warmed up, it’s time to get those plants that have been hiding away in the shelter of your conservatory, outside to enjoy the fresh air. Most houseplants, that don’t mind water on their leaves, will also benefit from a week or so in the garden.

2) Water – Give your plants (especially new ones) plenty of water to prevent them from drying out. Make sure that garden Containers, planters & baskets never dry out fully. Keep them watered, sometimes twice a day, to stop any stress to the plants. Once to twice a month make sure you feed hungry summer bedding plants, my top tip is to feed them Tomato food, it’s ideal to encourage more flowers.

3) Treat Woodwork – Whilst the weather is dry, give your woodwork a lick of paint or preserver to keep it treated and looking smart. The ideal job to top up your tan and perhaps enjoy a beer whilst you paint the shed or fence in the garden.

4) Ponds – Keep your ponds topped up and cleared of algae, blanket weeds and any other debris. On very hot days and providing you don’t have a ban, spray the surface of ponds with fish in with the hose. This will help to add oxygen to the water and keep your fish healthy.

5) Lawn Care – As long as there is no drought, it’s worth feeding the lawn regularly. Leaving the grass a little longer will help the lawn to hold onto more moisture and stay greener. July is the perfect month to sit on the grass and enjoy the hard work you have put in to the green area of your garden.

6) Next Spring – Begin to think about which Seeds you would like for next spring. Order now to ensure you’re ready for autumn planting, plus now is the ideal time to start to think about growing biannuals such as Foxgloves as they need to establish in the first year and flower the next, the work never ends!

7) Greenhouse – Damp down your greenhouse to increase humidity on warmer days and deter the likes of red spider mites. July is also a good month to move any greenhouse plants outdoors to enjoy the good weather. If your growing Tomatoes or other vegetables in the greenhouse, my top tip would be to add a few flowering plants to the greenhouse. This will help to encourage bees in to pollinate your plants, just make sure to keep windows and doors open as easy access for them.

8) Fruits – A lot of your fruits are ripening, so use netting to protect them from hungry birds and squirrels. July is a great month to start to enjoy the hard work you have been putting in to your garden and eating some home grown fruits such as Strawberries and Raspberries.

9) Weeding – Stay vigilant with weeds, they’ll be growing with an increased vigour thanks to the nice weather and taking vital nutrients away from your own crops and plants. If you can consider mulching borders with home made compost or bark chippings, this helps to keep the weeds down and the moisture in the soil.

10) Deadheading – To ensure continued and prolonged flowering, keep bedding plants and repeat flowering perennials deadheaded and trimmed back. The more you remove dying or dead flowers from your plants the more they will produce them. Think about feeding plants every couple of weeks to keep them strong & healthy as hot weather can add stress to plants, especially if it’s dry for long periods of time.

Let’s all pray for a sunny and warm July that we can spend entirely outside!

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Love  Monty


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