Monty’s Top 10 June Gardening Jobs

The beautiful month of June brings the glorious British summer and loads of exciting growth and colour to all our gardens. The mad rush to get all things planted has passed and it’s time to titivate and enjoy all your garden has to offer.

Keeping on top of your garden is the order for June and with regular pruning, trimming, weeding and cutting you’ll be sure to have a garden worth enjoying all summer long.

Below are my Top June Garden Jobs:

1) Water – Keep your containers and baskets well watered, especially in hot weather. Make sure you’re wise with your water however, especially in drought affected areas. My top tip with watering containers is to not let them dry out completely, this will take more and waste more water in trying to rehydrate them.

2) Bird Care – Keep your bird baths filled up with fresh water to give your birds somewhere to drink and cool off. If you have been feeding wild birds in your garden, you need to continue this every month. You may think there is plenty for them to eat, but these birds will become reliant on your food so you need to continue this, you will also encourage them in to the garden even more and help you rid your outdoor space of pesky pests such as slugs and snails.

3) Lawn Care –  Mow your lawn at least once a week so as not to let it grow too long. Trimming regularly is better than big cuts less often. With the weather hopefully getting hotter try not to cut the lawn in the middle of the day when the sun can easily scorch the freshly cut grass. My top tip is to cut  the lawn in the early part of the evening giving it time to recover before the next day.

4) Roses – June is typically the month in which Roses are at their peak, so ensure you stay on top of deadheading to keep your displays looking as stunning as possible. Watch out for black spot on leaves, simply remove these when you see them. Aphids will also attack fresh flower buds and growth on Roses, if you brave and green then rub these off with your fingers. Keeping Roses well feed in June will keep them plants strong & healthy and able to resist these attacks.

5) Greenhouses – Shade your greenhouses to keep them cool and prevent overheating which can lead to scorching. Keep windows and doors open during the day and if it’s really hot, that would be nice, then splash some water on the floor to help keep it cool.

6) Weeding – Hoe your borders regularly to keep on top of weeds. The weather is perfect for plant growth which means the weeds love it too. If there are too many weeds to choose from, then try to focus on any weeds with flower or seed buds, you don’t need them to add to the problems. If you can add mulch, such as bark, to your borders this will help to keep weeds down and water in the ground.

7) Staking – Think about supporting tall, floppy perennials with stakes to stop them dropping and snapping. Support vegetable plants such as Tomatoes to help support the plant and hopefully the fruit it is starting to produce. My top tip for this is use freezer bag ties, they are cheap, easily found and easy to use.

8) Summer Bedding – Now that the risk of frost has passed, it’s time to get those delicate, colourful summer bedding plants in the borders and planters. Early June is ideal to plant up Hanging Baskets with summer bedding, for some vertical colour around the home. My top tip for planting summer bedding, remove the open and nearly open flowers, crazy you may think but this helps the plant focus on growing roots to give you establish and better plants that will flower even more.

9) Sweet Peas – If you don’t grow these, you should and can still sow some from seed. If you have been growing them, some people plant them in January, June is the month to start to reap the rewards of scented flowers in abundance. Once they start to flower pick Sweet Pea flowers on a regular basis to encourage more flowers and always remove dead heads to stop them from going to seed.

10) Start Picking – Broad beans will be ready this month. Pick them while they are still small and tender. Crunchy young carrots can be pulled up, thinning your crop for larger carrots later in the year. Salad crops and peas will also be ready. June has to be one of the first months you can start to enjoy all the hard work you have been doing and even eating it.

Most important of all, go and enjoy your garden, you’ve earned it.

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Love  Monty


You can check out next months jobs for July if you want to look ahead for more garden tips from me.

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