Monty’s Top Ten Garden Jobs In March

March is a beautiful month because with it comes SPRING! Around the 20th, British springtime officially begins and the sunny days become a more frequent occurrence (hopefully). Basically, everything that we love about gardening and being outside starts to all happen at once. Gooooood.

What this does mean for us all, is that there are plenty of garden jobs to be done and the sunny days must be capitalised upon. March can still be an incredibly unpredictable month, much like most of Spring, so if you do get the chance to spend a sunny afternoon in the garden, don’t waste it!

Below are our Top March Garden Jobs:

1) Protection – Frost and winds are a risk often overlooked in March. If we’ve learnt anything over the years, it is that overconfidence in the british weather will always come back to bite you in the apple. So keep an eye on that weather forecast and protect your plants accordingly.

2) Weeds – If they haven’t already been dealt with, weeds will now begin to find their roots and grow ferociously. Get on top of them now and don’t let them ruin your garden this season.

3) Clean, repair & prepare – Tools, specifically your lawnmower, need to be cleaned and readied for the busy season ahead. On top of this, if you get a nice warm spell, treat fences, sheds and trellis with a wood preservative. 

4) Feed those birds – We’ll always keep on about this because we LOVE garden birds. They’re beautiful to have in the garden and are very appreciative of the food you provide.

5) Feed your plants – Know which fertiliser best suits the type of plants you’re growing and give them a good feed. General purpose fertiliser is usually suitable for most plants like roses, climbers and shrubs.

6) Rose Pruning – You should have already begun pruning your roses, but now it is time to make a real habit of it, all the way through to autumn. Regular spraying of fungicide will help to ward off black spot and mildew.

7) Lawn Care – If it’s still wet, then just stay off it. Any damage done to wet lawns is annoyingly difficult to rectify. However, should the weather improve and the lawn dry out, then it’s time for the first cut, exciting.

8) Summer Bulbs – Plant summer flowering bulbs. Be sure to add some compost to your existing soil and bury them a little deeper than if you were planting them in a pot.

9) Slug repellent – Spring shoots are top on a slug’s menu and so you need to do everything in your power to protect them. Which means laying down a generous amount of slug killer is vital to help win the long battle ahead.

10) Greenhouse ventilation – If it’s a nice warm, calm day, then get the greenhouse opened up and let the cool march breeze waft through and air it out. 

So there you have it, the final preparation before our beautiful spring arrives. We’ll see you there!

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Love  Monty



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