Monty’s Top Ten Garden Jobs In February

February is here and with it comes signs of the approaching spring. The bravest of the bulbs and wildlife start to make an appearance as the temperature and light levels begin to increase. This is an exciting month for gardeners, the dark, cold winter is almost at an end and the days of spending hours in the garden are almost back. Which is why it’s more important than ever to get everything prepped now, so as not to miss out on all the wonders that Spring has to offer.

Here you can find my top ten jobs that I will certainly be getting on with in the garden this month, putting some hard work in now will certainly pay off come the spring.

1) PRUNE PRUNE PRUNE – All through February you should be proactive with your pruning. Prune winter-flowering shrubs that have finished flowering, hardy evergreen hedges, conservatory climbers & Wisteria. Remove dead growth from perennials and genrally giving the borders and containers in your garden a good tidy.

2) Clean out ponds – To prevent any harm coming to your fish, ensure that all leaves and debris are cleared from any ponds or water features you may have. Providing they’re not iced over. When removing anything from the pond leave on the side for a day or two so anything trapped inside has time to escape back in to the pond.

3) Grasses – Ensure any deciduous grasses that have been left to grow over the winter are now cut back and tamed. A good hair cut is required at this time of year to encourage fresh new growth.

4) Beds – All flower beds should be turned over. Also a perfect opportunity to mix in some manure and compost ready for Spring planting.

5) Greenhouse gardening – Begin to sow bedding plant and some vegetable seeds under the cover of your greenhouse. Keep these covered and protected from frost.

6) Scarify/spike lawn – Unless your lawn is very new, then now is the time to scarify and spike. Ensure all leaves are gone otherwise you could end up with a yellow lawn. If you have a lot of moss in your lawn, once removed and spike brush over with some sand to help with drainage.

7) Sort your seeds – If you have not yet ordered your seeds, then now is the time. Aim to create a sowing calendar to make planting through spring easier.

8) Snow – As is the way with British weather, it is hard to tell if and when we’ll get snow. However, be ready to brush it off trees and shrubs to prevent it damaging trees.

9) Weeding – After giving your garden a good clear up, weeds begin to become more visible. Ensure you zap them now to limit trouble over the coming months.

10) Birds – We’d never leave a tips section without due consideration for the garden birds. If you have been feeding them through the winter, then please continue to do so as they still need all the help they can get.

Good luck with February and just think, Spring is almost here!!

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Love  Monty



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