Monty’s Top Ten Garden Jobs In January

January is a strange month for gardeners. There doesn’t seem to be much going on out there and the often grim weather makes it all the more difficult to find motivation. However, just because  the grass doesn’t need cutting and the plants are barely growing, it doesn’t mean there aren’t jobs to be done. This is the month to take control of your garden and get it in tip top shape for the spring months.

Top January Garden Jobs:

1) DISPOSE OF YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE – Once the festivities have ended the  Christmas tree is often casually discarded into the back garden without a second thought. Well this year, you could shred it and use it as mulch, or in a lot of cases, garden centres will offer a free recycling service. Don’t just leave it looking sad and unsightly by the bins.

2) Finishing clearing up leaves – Unless you’ve been extra vigilant over the festive season, you will have likely developed a build up of unwanted leaves. Now is the time to get on top of them and clear them from your lawns & patios.

3) Repair & smarten up lawn edges – Smartening up the edges of your lawn makes for a much neater garden in general. Effort put in now will make future smartening a whole lot easier.

4) Cultivate flower beds – It is often useful to work through this job at the same time as the lawn edges. Remove all old, dead plants and weeds, ready for the fresh winter bedding.

5) Tidy compost bins – Providing you already have a composting area (if not, then make one), you should get them in order. Don’t let rogue plant pots and rubbish build up around them, as these make perfect homes for snails.

6) Plant winter bedding – You can now start to plant winter bedding plants such as winter pansies, winter cherries and cyclamen. Ensure that bedding is appropriately fertilised and watered.

7) Prune Roses – Don’t be afraid to prune your roses right back. Leave just a stubby skeleton of healthy branches and it will bounce back as strong as ever.

8) Continue to put water & food for Birds  – Food is very scarce for our garden birds over winter and so they are extremely thankful for any food or water provided.

9) Care for your lawn – In the most part, stay off it. If it’s wet or covered in snow, then you’re only likely to damage it. However, if the weather allows and it is getting a little long, then a trim might be acceptable.

10) Landscaping – If you’re looking to make any changes to the layout of your garden then do it now whilst everything is muddy anyway.

Good Luck everyone.

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Love  Monty


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