Monty’s Top 10 November Garden Jobs

Despite not officially being winter, the signs that it is on its way are out there for all to see. The temperature dropping, winds picking up and leaves falling are all clear indications that the month of winter are close. Therefore it’s time now to get out and do your garden jobs. Fair weather gardeners tend to shy away at this time of year, however, for those of you who wrap up warm and brave the elements, you will be rewarded come next year.

My Top November Garden Jobs:

1) CLEAR UP LEAVES – this is a biggy and can be a real pain, however, it is worth it. It’s especially important to remove these leaves off your lawns, ponds and beds. Then, compost them and keep the cycle going!

2) Drain hoses – often forgotten, draining and putting away your hoses will save them from freezing and bursting.

3) Insulate outdoor containers – If you can’t move your pots and planters inside then keeping them insulated will help again freezing and frosting over. Bubble wrap works ideally if you can, if nothing else make sure containers, certainly terracotta containers, are off the ground, with bricks or pot feet.

4) Don’t cut everything down – It can be tempting in the garden, when everything is looking a bit dead and glum to go around hacking it all down to the ground. Well my advice is don’t, certainly with tender plants or perennials and grasses. This ‘dead’ looking top growth will help to protect and insulate the plant against the cold. If we have a really harsh Winter you will thank me for this tip!

5) Feed the birds – A lot of the birds natural foods sources have begun to dry up by now and so feeding them is extra important. Especially if there is some snowfall which makes finding food even harder. If you have a bird bath then make sure if these freezes to replace the water or break the ice, people often forget that birds have to drink.

6) Winter bedding plants – If you’ve bought anything for your winter beds. then now is the tie to get them planted. It is a great idea to plant up some pots for the Winter months to display near the house, Winter Pansies are perfect for this and will flower for months on end, just make sure to pop out and dead head them from time to time.

7) Wind proofing – Any tall plants like climbers or roses need to be secured to canes or other supports to help combat the effects of strong winds. If needed you can prune some items down to help with this, but if not check on a regular basis for any damage to plants in the garden during windy weather so you can deal with it quickly before it harms the plant.

8) Tulip Bulbs – In order to enjoy beautiful Tulips in Spring, now is the time to get those bulbs planted. November is perfect for planting Tuilps as they don’t like to sit for a long time in wet ground, plant them at twice the bulbs size in depth for best results. Also when planting any bulbs make sure to check for disease on these before you plant, plus you can still plant other Spring flowering bulbs now too.

9) Pest control – just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean the pests won’t still attack your plants. So remain vigilant, keep any eye on any plants you have moved in to the greenhouse or house as pests can still be harmful in these warmer conditions.

10) Prune Evergreens – Make sure you give all your evergreens a good trim back, to help promote growth next year.

Well that’s November taken care of and before you know it, it’s going to be Christmas…..! Don’t forget your garden over the next few months, I know it can be hard as it’s such a busy time of year but there is still plenty to do and to see in the garden as well. Plus it’s nice to get some fresh air, even if it’s only for any hour or so.

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Love  Monty



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