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Arguably the favourite tradition of Hallowe’en is the carving of the pumpkin. Most people will try their hand at a simple scary face but pumpkin carving just got serious; or rather it’s always taken seriously by some. We’ve literally been amazed at the pumpkins we discovered on Pinterest with some outrageous designs out there from some extremely talented people. We’ve picked out our favourite designs that we’re itching to give a go at so take a look for yourself; we didn’t necessarily pick out the best craftsmanship but rather the most inventive, using different techniques.




Aside from the obvious ‘monster’ faces we wanted to show you other ways to carve your pumpkins this year; great for kids and adults alike to have a go at. One very simple idea we liked was drilling holes for an instant effect that stands out from the crowd. Next you have the layered image which looks amazing as the light from the candle highlights the various depths of the sculpt, creating an ornate centerpiece for your Hallowe’en display. Of course you have the scary face too but the flesh has been carved out in a realistic 3d fashion for a more ambitious take; well worth the effort if you can pull it off or know someone who can.



An ingenious way to utilize the pumpkins stalk into your design is to turn it on it’s side to use as a nose. Most of the shop bought pumpkins have the stalks cut off so you’d be better off seeking out a farm shop to retain the ‘proboscis’ feature. They look very alive and creepy this way don’t you think? Painting your pumpkin can be an equally effective alternative to any actual carving, although combining the two could make for a spectacular effect, and the use of stencils/masking tape can be used for crisp outlines; creating a message like ‘boo’ or ‘trick or treat’ on the pumpkins looks great in paint.




For those of you with children, you’ve probably heard of a little thing called minecraft. Perhaps you play it yourself? The next design isn’t really a different technique, rather a style, as it recreates the look of the popular construction game…in pumpkin pixels! The last example makes use of ‘extras’; either different sized squash or man made materials to add more fun and detail to your design. You can also glue leaves or decorative materials for a more sophisticated take. There you have it, our inspiration guide to carving pumpkins. Some people try to preserve their creations as long as possible usually involving an 8 hour soak in a bleach/water solution, leaving to dry, then smearing with vaseline but in all honesty you only need it a for a few days (5 tops?). For an interesting experiment on preservation take this link.

Thank you for reading and we hope you found some good ideas to inspire your carving this year.

Monty and the team at Gardens2you x

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