Top Plants For Roof Gardens

Top Plants For Roof Gardens

Well we thought we write a post about growing plants on a roof garden as we have one, it maybe a small patch but we love it! However it is not the easiest place to grow plants and often what you like won’t grow on the fourth floor.

When we started the garden we bought to many different plants for it, but this certainly helped sort out what was going to survive. You see the problem with being all the way on the fourth floor is that it’s very windy and this quickly dries out plants in pots, it’s hard enough sometimes keep pots watered in a normal garden but with the extra height this adds a new dimension to it. You will find even in Winter that the pots can easily dry out and this is what damages the plants and quickly.

Use a more soil like compost in your pots is a very good start, general multipurpose compost just dries out to quickly. Use saucers under the pots as this helps to hold water better and ideally don’t use terracotta pots, these soak up as much water as the compost!

What plants work then? Well we tried growing tomato plants and they turned into monsters, it was like Little Shop of Horrors and it happened over night! We grew them up against a wall and the loved it as it was nice and warm. Great you would think, but you would be wrong as I seemed to spend every waking hour watering them and then the fruit didn’t quite form properly because they were still to dry! Avoid any veg plant unless you have lots and lots of time!

The best plants have to be box plants, they are tough look great all year and don’t need quite as much care and watering. Also ferns have been doing well, ones that like dry conditions such as Dryopteris types, as long as you have a shady spot. Grasses to having been thriving well, but you do need to keep watering them well.

Now my favorite plants for roof gardens have to be Sempervivums or house leeks, great, tough plants that will cope with any amount of neglect you can throw at them…they also produce babies to so you will have a never ending supply!

Other top plants have to be anything with silver leaves such as Lavenders, if a plant has a silver leaf it is more than likely used to growing in hot, dry conditions so they will tolerate being dry from time to time.

There is one plant I have to say no to and that is Bamboo, it seems to show up in lots of roof gardens that I have seen, however it is mostly dead! This is due to Bamboo needing lots and lots of water as they become pot bound very quickly so avoid!

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