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So it’s officially spring, which means the weather should be warming up and we can all spend more time in our gardens (hopefully). Now, we’re sure that the ridiculously temperamental British weather will have a few more surprises up it’s sleeve, but on the whole, we’re going to think positive and pray for beautiful sunny spring days.

Anyway, last year we introduced a few garden thermometers onto our site and they proved a really popular garden accessory, one even made a magazine appearance. So this year, to celebrate the beautiful spring that WILL happen, we’ve decided to source loads more garden thermometers to give you an even wider choice. They look great as decorative piece, as well as being helpful with keeping a track on the temperatures your garden is reaching.

Red & Green Wooden Thermometers – £8.99

We’ve had these Thermometers for a while and their popularity goes from strength to strength. The red design was recently pictured in Gardens Illustrated Magazine as a great Valentine’s Day gift idea. Their rustic finish means they’ll slot straight into your garden without appearing too garish. Both colours look great on either a wall or fence.

Red & Green Wooden Wall Thermometers - £8.99

Red & Green Wooden Wall Thermometers – £8.99

Wooden Wall Mountable Garden Thermometer – Two Colours Available (£8.99)


Cast Iron Spade Thermometers – £8.99

The majority of our thermometers are made from cast iron as it provides a superior quality for something that will be situated outside all year round. Our cast iron spades are no different, unparalleled in quality, their unique design offers a real stand out feature for your garden. Again, their popularity has meant that we now stock 3 colours to suit all tastes.

Cast Iron Spade Thermometer - £8.99

Cast Iron Spade Thermometer – £8.99

Verdigris Spade Thermometer - £8.99

Verdigris Spade  – £8.99






Black Spade - £8.99

Black Spade – £8.99






Quality Finish - £8.99

Quality Finish – £8.99








Wall Mounted Cast Iron Spade Garden Thermometer (£8.99)


Cockerel Garden Thermometers – £12.99

Our newest recruit into the garden thermometer family are these Cockerel designs. Available with either a coloured cockerel top, or a plain, more simple design. These Thermometers protrude slightly from the wall, giving them an increased decorative feel. Frost and weather resistant and readable from 3 sides, we think these could be a new gardens2you favourite.

Cockerel Thermometer - £12.99

Cockerel Thermometer – £12.99

Colourful Cockerel - £12.99

Colourful Cockerel – £12.99






Working Thermometer - £12.99

Working Gauge – £12.99






Wall Mountable - £12.99

Wall Mountable – £12.99








Wall Mountable Vintage Cast Iron Cockerel Garden Thermometer (£12.99)


So if you’re beginning to get your garden ready for the sunnier, warmer months of the year, why not start with your very own Garden Thermometer. Now all we have to do is pray for sunshine!

Love Monty


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