Top Picks – Winter Bedding Plants!

Top Picks – Winter Bedding Plants!

Ornamental Cabbages

These Cabbages are specially grown for their decorative value and can offer an unusual and unique dash of colour to your gardens this winter.  Available with purple, blue & white colouring, they look amazing as the winter frost glazes their crinkled leaves. Top Tip – Ensure they don’t get too wet and remove any dead leaves from the bottom to stop them rotting at the base.

Ornamental Purple Cabbage

Vibrant purple Ornamental Cabbage adds a unique bit of colour.

White Ornamental Cabbage

A white Ornamental Cabbage can add some subtle style to your planters.













Cyclamen are an ideal way of splashing some colour into your autumn Planters. Available in a multitude of shades from pure white to deep red, they flower almost continuously until the first hard frosts. On top of this, the Cyclamen’s slight scent makes them perfect for indoor use, especially at Christmas. Top Tip – Regularly dead head the faded flowers and don’t let the plants sit in water as they like it a little dry.

Elegant White Cyclamen

This dazzling white Cyclamen will add some elegance to your planters.

Deep Red Cyclamen

The red Cyclamen will bring some warmth to your chilly garden.













A traditional winter plant that will add some charm to your garden and planters by flowering continuously through this harsh season. Available in a beautiful array of colours, you’ll be able to create perfect planters tailored just to your taste. Top Tip – Removing all open flowers when first planting allows the Viola to concentrate on establishing a good root system, with new flowers forming quickly.

Brilliantly Orange Violas

These brilliantly orange Violas show just one of the colours you could add to your garden.












We hope this have given you some ideas on how to keep your beds and planters brimming with colour this winter. Keep checking back for more advice that will make your garden the envy of your neighbours!

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